Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Myth #1: Conventional Exercise assumes it's possible to isolate body parts when the whole body is always involved if only because the Nervous System is what regulates proprioception. You may move a limb, but the rest of you is participating, too. Expand your awareness!

The ability to stabilize is as vital as the ability to move a joint. It’s like the unappreciated spaces between the notes in music that give it power. Most movements require some other part of ourselves to stabilize against something, so that the movement can be made with precision. With a wrist injury, I miss being able to grind pepper! You have to be able to stabilize the pepper mill with one hand, while the other hand turns the mill for the delicious kick of this ancient spice to become fresh and alive and new!

There is an ATM Series that comes to mind call the "Bell Hand" and it would be "indicated" for me to do it on the side that is functional and imagine doing it on the injured side...This is one of the Rx, or prescriptions I'm giving myself to speed my recovery!


Here's the link if you want to join a free FB group to join in a community where you can post a question about the process of becoming more mobile as you age, instead of stiffer every year, or how to make it work for you personally, or to share a win you've gotten from this unique perspective on improving quality of life!!!

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